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2020 . 07 . 07 selected by Editorial Board





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2020 . 06 . 30 selected by Editorial Board



What Indie Beauty Brands Can Do To Support Retailers Reeling From Store Shutdowns

Beauty Independent has interviewed some CEOs, owners and, in some cases, founders of a number of indie beauty brands to talk about their plans to help retailers come back from the lockdown.
Most sales are currently happening within the e-commerce trade; therefore deliveries have been improved and sped up, the minimum limit per order has been reduced, fast track deliveries have been approved even for small orders, the delivery fee has been dropped and there have been negotiations with the vendors for the payment terms. Furthermore a lot of discounts have been applied and the number of free samples sent to the customers has been increased, in order to make them feel special and pampered in such a critical moment, a selections of self-care products to fight stress or to keep healty were sent through drop-ship delivery as a gift for doctors, nurses or any other key worker that has continued working during this pandemic.
Communication between retailers and their brand partners has been of absolute importance: brands had to be ready to answer question about their approach or policy during this crisis in order to enable the retailers to be as transparent as they can be with their customers.
Extremely essential has also been the virtual element: it provided opportunities such as online workshops and masterclasses, along with brands and retailers collaborations for contests and giveaways, and it also served as a platform of communication to share a more human and personal side with their audience in such a delicate moment.

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An insightful article that explains how some indie beauty brands are helping retailers to recover and restablish their business after lockdown.