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2020 . 10 . 27 selected by Editorial Board



Fragrance lovers


Wikiparfum, an olfactory discovery tool for the general public

We had already talked about it in our article NEW TECHNOLOGY FACILITATES FINDING A FRAGRANCE: Wikiparfum, a technological tool created by Puig, allows you to discover information about the raw materials and olfactory families of a fragrance by searching by ingredient or name of the fragrance and allows you to consequence of finding perfumes similar to those you love that act as valid alternatives.

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A useful knowledge tool for perfume lovers.

2020 . 10 . 27 selected by Editorial Board





COVID-Sniffing Dogs Are Being Used To Screen Passengers At Airports

After Helsinki airport, Dubai airport also started using highly trained and almost foolproof dogs to recognize travelers affected by the coronavirus.

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Who will be the next?

2020 . 10 . 27 selected by Editorial Board




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