2021 . 04 . 02 | written by Editorial Board

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Dear reader,

We hereby invite you to partecipate in the next survey dedicated to the artistic perfumery sector.

The past year has resulted in significant changes following the COVID-19 pandemic.
We, the Essencional study center, are conducting a survey which will allow us to investigate the effects of the ongoing pandemic on the consumption habits and purchasing behaviors of perfumery enthusiasts as well as explore new strategies adopted by brands, retailers and industry professionals.

We'd love to hear about your experience!
Your contribution will help us create a report, which will be presented on our website, aimed at making the world of fragrances even more exciting and more in line with customer wishes, and at identifying the strategies for the development of the business of independent brands, retailers and independent perfumeries.

We will take care to keep you updated by giving you the information you need to access the survey results.

We encourage you to share this survey with your contacts by forwarding this email so they can participate too.

The survey takes no more than 10 minutes and your answers will be treated, through Google Form, completely anonymously for statistical purposes only.

We thank you for the time you will dedicate to us!

You can participate in the survey by clicking on the links below.