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When entrepreneurs launch new products and services, there is always a risk involved. How will it be received? Will it fill a need? Will the point of difference be recognized and valued? Will the end product live up to the objective and respect the original mission? As Essencional hits its first anniversary, now seemed to be the right moment to look back on where we started and where we are today. A few of our trusted advisors have shared their feedback with us in our closest approximation to an annual review.

At its core, Essencional strives to be a trusted authority and advocate for Artistic Perfumery and Beauty. In April 2020, Silvio Levi, Founder and Director of, stated that “’s goal is to strengthen the relationships that have been built over time at Esxence, the Art of Perfumery event, and to lend support to the sector by promoting innovation and high creativity, leading to worldwide growth for all.” To this end, Essencional’s Editorial Team is constantly on the lookout for unique, relevant, and informative stories to provide the latest and most important news to the community. Collectively, the team reads hundreds of industry-related articles every month before choosing a select few which are then reviewed and validated by at least two advisors before being posted on the site. According to Eddie Bulliqi, writer, speaker, consultant and Essencional advisor, “At a time when it is literally impossible to keep up to date on every single launch or research initiative, Essencional is essential and unique for both celebrating and curating the huge wealth of online resources to allow readers easy navigation between insight-packed deep dives as well as the larger panorama on the industry's key themes of the moment.” This opinion is shared by fellow advisor, Christophe Laudamiel, master perfumer, author, and chemist, who noted, “(Essencional is) so easy for us readers to read as that one stop shop (and it’s free) instead of having to skim through magazines and newspapers to find the good perfume stuff.” We are pleased to read that we have met this objective.

When the website launched one year ago, the world was grappling with a health pandemic, the likes of which we had never experienced. Being poised in a position to offer support and help to the community, Essencional changed the editorial plan overnight to bring insightful strategies and solutions to brands, retailers and business leaders who were dealing with an unknown entity. By keeping our readers up-to-date on best practices, new procedures and pilot programs, our aim was to digest the volume of information available and share it in concise and actionable suggestions. Once the world started to open up again, our content became lighter. Sarah Colton, author, journalist and Essencional advisor, was complimentary when asked about the value the site has provided. “Bravo to the Essencional Editorial Team for a year of weekly niche fragrance and cosmetics news coverage. During this historic time Essencional has established its place as THE GO TO website for news of this industry. Keep it up!” We will certainly do our best!

Recognizing that artisan fragrance and beauty has a fan base all over the world, Essencional spans the globe to find amazing stories originating in all corners of the earth. From passionate collectors in Nigeria and Mexico, to black-market whistle blowers in China, to dedicated well-being activists in the US, along with spirited brand founders and perfumers located around the world, our content strives to be global and unbiased. Claudia Stagno, editor-in-chief of the MTE Edizioni Group and Essencional advisor remarks, “On its first anniversary, ESSENCIONAL is confirmed as an indispensable tool for the fragrance community. A wide variety of subjects are discussed and range over several fronts, all competently dealt with. Its international character allows every reader to have a global vision of the market and its evolution.” These comments are reinforced by Nathalie Pichard, founder of the Paris-based agency ToPNotes and advisor, who explains “As a professional of the perfume industry for more than 30 years, I recommend this magazine for its quality, its research and impartial tones. Long live Essencial and thanks to all contributors for such good work.” Essencional strives to share various viewpoints and opinions while remaining neutral yet observant of all developments occurring on a worldwide basis.

Essencional looks for untold stories that not only inspire and encourage our readers but are also thought provoking. Ms Pichard, commented, “The world of perfumes is so fascinating and so complex; it requires such an educative and informative magazine. Essencional provides information and insights, tells stories, educates, highlights and shares different points of view.Whether the subject matter investigates cutting-edge technology, business solutions, or retail innovations, it is intended to support and educate the community while fostering growth. Original content explores the role fragrance plays in the world of art, health, science and education. The Editorial Team shines a light on brands, brand founders and perfumers who candidly share their paths to success, allowing others to learn from their experiences. Laudamiel observes, “They cover all fields in perfumery and olfaction from art, science, technology, medical, entertainment...They write their own articles too, their own way with their own insider research which is très cool.” We have only scratched the surface because there is so much more to investigate!

As a proponent of the sector, Essencional seeks to create a virtual meeting place where all can connect, draw strength, be inspired, learn and flourish
. Our first step on this path came with our #CovidChronicles in which industry players shared how they were coping with the pandemic, whether brand, retailer, perfumer or expert. We then partnered with Esxence on several digital room discussions, fostering the community spirit to meet online when physical events and travel weren’t possible. In March 2021 we promoted International Fragrance Day on our social media channels to engage with our audience while celebrating our mutual love of fragrance.

As Essencional blows out the candle on its first birthday cake, the whole team is reflecting on the future. How will retail evolve? What is next for the digital transformation? How will sampling and in-store testing change? What brand stories may entertain our audience? When will we meet again? * Essencional has even more ambitions as we move into our second year.
Collectively we join together to give thanks to our founder, Silvio Levi, without whom none of this would have been possible. We are grateful for his vision and his commitment to Artistic Perfumery and Beauty. We may all echo the words of Alain Lagier, consultant, speaker and Essencional advisor:
“Congratulations for celebrating this first year. Appreciate the excellent work and my thanks particularly go to Master Silvio. “

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*Mark your calendars for Esxence, the Art of Perfumery, March 17 – 20, 2022