Electimuss London, a vigorous triumvirate and prosperous empire

2023 . 05 . 18 | written by Laurence Arrigo Klove

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Luke, Claire, and Jason built a Roman inspired empire. Based on love, glamour and power, the fragrances are decadent and daring. For experts 'to choose the best'.

Electimuss, the splendour of a new Roman empire

Laurence: Claire, you are the creative director of Electimuss, tell us all about the foundation of your new empire.

Claire: Electimuss was born in 2015 inspired by the Roman’s appetite and passion for perfumery. I came onboard in 2019 to help build that passion into a contemporary and timeless fragrance brand with the grandeur and ambitions of the Roman empire. We consider perfumes an invisible thread through history and our overarching idea is to create perfumes that empower and enrich. We kept the strong positive elements brought by the Romans; the progress in sciences and the creative arts, the strength of the Roman Army, the courageous spirit of the gladiators, the opulence of the capital, its sensuous lifestyle made of exquisite food, fine art, bath rituals and scents.

The Aquila on the Electimuss perfume bottle, symbol of the Roman Army and the sun representing the grandeur of the Empire.

Laurence: so how did go about translating your concept into a creative and olfactive expression?

Claire: Electimuss concept is to explore creativity in a dramatic and unapologetic way. I would use the following adjectives to describe it: rich, sensuous, opulent, decadent, daring and challenging. The strength of our scents immediately comes across as we use 25% or even 30% perfume extract. Our perfume collection features the most precious ingredients, carefully selected, and blended by expert perfumers. If I were to pick two ingredients we cherish more than anything else it would be the goddess of perfumes: Rose. In all her guises she unfurls colour, richness, variety and adaptability. Secondly I think I would choose patchouli, her earthly servant, for his chameleon abilities to bring depth, intrigue and longevity. But stretching the question (being cheeky) it’s hard to discount the ever uplifting Sicilian bergamot or oud LMR natural for its undeniable prowess to empower and impress.

The Rose, the goddess of Electimuss ingredients
Patchouli, the second iconic ingredient
Sicilian Bergamot, the ever-uplifting ingredient

Laurence: how did you choose the perfumers to work on the fragrance’s creations?

Claire: For each perfume, we choose an expert perfumer, the one we believe is most suited to render the unique fragrance inspiration. We have worked with Sofia Bardelli, Julien Rasquinet, Christian Provenzano, John Stephens, Marco Genovese, and Cecile Zarokian. They are independent perfumers with strong and personal styles. At Electimuss, we like bold personalities not only in the fragrances we create but also in the perfumers who develop them.

Electimuss illustration of passion, the red lips of love

Laurence: Electimuss is a luxury brand, but what kind of luxury, how do you define it?

Claire: Luxury for us is to seek the finest in quality but also in fair pricing and value. Our aim is to offer affordable luxury as compared to fine jewellery and luxury fashion, luxury fragrance is a more accessible luxury to be worn and enjoyed every day.

The gladiator armature
The Roman passion for the gladiator

Electimuss. The reinvention of gladiator games.

Laurence: Tell us about your most recent perfume creation called ‘Gladiator Oud’. How did you recreate the glamour of the gladiator games and the honour to fight well or die well?

Claire: This was quite a challenge to render both the sense of power and sensibility, like Russel Crowe in the Gladiator movie who managed to express a spirit of elegance and nobility amid intense cruelty. It is a complex composition which manages to express all at once: the heat of the arena with hay notes, the physical combat with salty cumin, the masculinity with geranium mixed with cardamom while the glory is celebrated with oud, saffron and honey. Julien Rasquinet, explains his inspiration behind Gladiator Oud:

‘My dream was to create an iconic perfume befitting the name: an addictive and wearable oud combining the skill and physicality of a combat with the nobility of a true leader.’

The new iconic perfume of Electimuss, Gladiator Oud

The aim is to seize, conquer and expand the empire.

Electimuss symbol of power

Laurence: how ambitious is your vision of the Electimuss empire? Thanks to the vast roman roads, where is the Electimuss empire spreading, East, West, North, or South?

Claire: Everywhere! Seriously, I must admit that the three of us are quite ambitious. We see no reason not to. Our triumvirate has already built 5 collections for a total of 23 fragrances. Each collection has a different style and power, Eternal renders the atmosphere of the Roman capital, Nero is the emperor’s artistic and epicurean decadence, Consort is our collaborations playground, Lustrous showcases the passion for astrology, and Emperor is the most luxurious line. Our discovery set is very popular as it allows our clients to play with our collections and discover our vast empire (smile).

Electimuss discovery set, a beautiful way to discover the empire

Electimuss: 'I invented. I perfumed. I conquered’

An interpretation of a Roman emperor quote. The growth of this singular empire happens without swords, or any kind of armatures. Only with the power of fragrances. Victory is certain. The game verdict is in. Electimuss is granted to live and conquer. In the honour of fragrances. ‘To choose the best’ is a new imperial ritual.