2020 . 05 . 08 | written by Nathalie Pichard

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Are you still able to work and in what kind of conditions?
I am still working at my office – so, it’s very cool -) I can’t complain.
I have been working as a Freelancer since 2005, I am used to work at home or at my office.

If you were forced to cease operating/close your shop, how are you preparing to get back into business?
My business is slower like a lot of people but I am busy; I have to finish training files ordered before COVID-19.
I am preparing to bounce back with articles, posts on LinkedIn, a Newsletter and a pro active online special training for the reopening. I’m, reading, prospecting, I have never stopped.

How, in your opinion, will your business change when we get back to a new sort of normality?
Business for the next 2 years will change because brands, retailers and actors in the industry won’t experience the same levels of 2019 again for some time.
Travel retail will suffer a lot (hard for this 6th continent), people/consumers will want to buy local and on line. Online Beauty may benefit a lot.
It’s a hard time to live through but it’s the opportunity for brands to revamp their offer and re-connect with earth and slow down their race to sell.
Nano niche will die and it will clean up the segment. This is hard to say but it’s a necessary change that will grow from the consumer's demand for authenticity.
I hope for a world without flankers, BS and so called niche brands that lie.
And as mankind is mankind, the world will keep on going…