2020 . 05 . 08 | written by Mark Behnke

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Are you still able to work and in what kind of conditions?
As a blogger the ability to work has not been affected. There is always something new to write about in the wide world of artistic perfumery. However, there has been a slowdown in the new release samples I usually receive.

If you were forced to cease operating/close your shop, how are you preparing to get back into business?
I am fortunate that for what I do this is not a consideration. As a commentator on the industry my part is to take notice of changes. Then communicate the impact of those changes.

How, in your opinion, will your business change when we get back to a new sort of normality?
I think this is going to be a critical question for the rest of this year. With the economic impact will artistic perfumery still be something consumers will want to spend money on? I am not sure the answer is obvious. People have been spending through online outlets on perfume. I believe, depending on the global economic situation, the task of making artistic perfumery to be seen as something “worth it” is going to be quite difficult. For me as a writer I will have to make the case that owning something beautiful is worth it.