2020 . 05 . 15 | written by Kathryn Malley

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Are you still able to work and in what kind of conditions?
Yes I am, but there is not much to do, especially as I can’t visit clients, travel etc. Orders are coming but in the beginning only from the bigger online shops. Now orders are increasing a little bit.

If you were forced to cease operating/close your shop, how are you preparing to get back into business?
No I was not as I’m working from home - everything was as usual except there was no business …

How, in your opinion, will your business change when we get back to a new sort of normality?
I think business will not change dramatically for the long term and if we are lucky we will have (at least in Germany) the same results as in 2010 during the financial crisis when Perfume / Cosmetics had a stable turnover or even increased turnover because people were buying smaller and “feel good“ products.
We also have a huge “support your local retailer“trend going on in Germany which hopefully will help the smaller / privately owned stores which I’m mostly dealing with.