2020 . 05 . 15 | written by Eduardo Garcia de Alba

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Are you still able to work and in what kind of conditions?
Fortunately, most of my work is behind a computer so I have been able to continue working, normally from home. Clearly, this is easier said than done if you are not used to a home office, which I wasn´t. Whether or not, being able to go out to your office gives you the time to relax, cool off, and have a healthy distance. When it comes to being together continuously all the time, it has resulted in a reflection time for me working on my patience to be able to work and live all under one roof while maintaining cordiality

If you were forced to cease operating/close your shop, how are you preparing to get back into business?
I think, like many of us, I have two jobs: one is the one that pays the bills and the other one is my passion. In this case, given the global circumstance, I believe that the former is at risk of continuing, so I plan to dedicate myself 100% to my passion job and take advantage of this situation as a catalyst to stop procrastinating some activities that due to fears and insecurities. I had neglected for some time.

How, in your opinion, will your business change when we get back to a new sort of normality?
As I mentioned in the first question, given that my work is predominantly “back office”, I don´t consider that the return to normality has any impact on me or my customers on the day to day operations. but I have to say that if this doesn't happen soon, maybe there won´t be any job to go back to...