2020 . 05 . 12 | written by Luca Falchetti

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Are you still able to work and in what kind of conditions?
I can work, I did and I am working to solve the cash-flow problem, organization problems caused by the emergency, sending a few orders from a few clients and online skincare, but especially I fight with the banks and clients who are not paying…I am mostly focalized on this, the worst job….
But I am also working in team by Zoom to understand what kind of work we can imagine building in a more sustainable way that we can see for the future. I try to stay positive in spite of this mood actually. But the company is closed since last month (cassa integrazione for employees and some smart working for orders and the administration).

If you were forced to cease operating/close your shop, how are you preparing to get back into business?
We depend on what’s happening with the Retailers, and since there is no traffic in the stores, we will not work, just a few e-commerce sites are working now. We maintain some small direct business online and some orders from some countries in the world (very few), and we work with a logistic service. That is why I am working on a new project in a different marker (more primary) to support my company’s business for a better future.

How, in your opinion, will your business change when we get back to a new sort of normality?
The period back to normality will be very slow. We estimate it will take 1 year to get back to almost normal if everything is fine and we don’t experience more strong periods of emergency, so probably May 2021. In the meantime we have to stay alive and survive to this changed climate. The solution is not easy to find but we have to “sail the boat through the storm” in this situation, being sure to save employees, the company and our partners and we must help clients, all with the goal of surviving. I strongly believe that if the world does not move its direction asap, the world of the future will be very different with many troubles popping up more frequently.