A fancy club with no selective entry. Only one passion for perfumes. Count me in!

2020 . 12 . 08 | written by Laurence Arrigo Klove

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The 'Experimental Perfume Club’ is about sharing one passion and knowledge of how to create a perfume. Once you discover it, you’re in. Its creator, Emmanuelle Moeglin, is a French perfumer who moved to East London, full of entrepreneurial spirit and teaching talent. Her club is all about offering a unique experience of creating scents thanks to workshops. The labo-kit is neatly awaiting you, the ingredients carefully selected, the price affordable and ultimately the pleasure is IMMENSE. Each task has been simplified, you don’t even have to move to London, you can stay where you are and benefit from the learning online. Smashing. That will do nicely.

Question: As Paris is the cradle of perfume creation in the world, can you tell us why you moved to London?
That was a bold move, following my partner meant leaving the perfume creation and starting something different. That turned out to be a wonderful experience. Working in a perfume trends consultancy firm, I travelled all around the globe and enlarged my network exponentially. It allowed me to acquire the confidence of starting a new business. I realized I was not made to work in a large organization but rather become an entrepreneur.

Question: How did you become passionate about sharing your knowledge in perfume creation?
Since I was twelve, I knew I wanted to become a perfumer. I studied chemistry to make sure I had my best chances to enter the prestigious ISIPCA school in Paris. After a couple of years of commercial perfumes creation, I found out that I didn’t like the typical marketing communication campaigns. To me, they keep clients ignorant and confused. I wanted to explain it all. I am a work-alcoholic person. I created my company as a hobby on the side while I was working full-time. It took off fast, so I let go of my consultant work. Hosting perfume workshops, by now I did hundreds of them, was a wonderful sharing experience for me as well, not only for my clients. ‘Learn, create, play’, that is the success of my concept.

Question: Who is typically attending the workshops?
Oddly enough, it is not necessarily people who are already passionate about perfumes. They are passionate about creative design & arts in general. Given my location in East London, I tend to have plenty of millennials attending workshops on Fridays or Saturdays, either half a day or a full day.

Question: How do you go about giving an online workshop?
That is indeed a very different animal. I had to work night and day for a whole month to create videos, content and naturally a lab-kit that is sent to the client address. I wanted to have as good as a teaching experience as in my lab in London. I am a perfectionist.

Question: Tell us something unexpected that happened in of your workshops?
In three instances, I helped people to create their own brand. They became entrepreneurs like me. I planted that seed in them without knowing it. I am so happy about that. The feeling that I contributed in one way to their successful career.

Question: Tell us more about your bespoke services
This is by appointment only. I share on a one to one base an educational experience. The outcome and the process are the same as during a workshop. Only by being alone with me, the pupil has a higher level of guidance. Nothing extravagant or too exclusive in terms of price access.

Question: How do you choose the ingredients, is it because they are your favourites in other terms is it Emmanuelle’s touch?
First of all, I buy them at the top-quality suppliers in Grasse, France. So I use the same material as the commercial perfumes. However, I keep my formulas very short and simple. This is my style. I also made sure that my ingredients selection is large enough to provide multiple blending options. I have three ingredients for the top note, three for the middle one and three for the base. My perfumes have an Eau de parfum concentration. That too is my concept, powerful perfumes.

Question: How did you design the bottles and logo, what is the inspiration behind it?
With some creative design friends, we designed the logo which is featuring the three letters EPC. We also wanted a color code to help the client understand the concept. So yellow is for the top note, pink for the middle one and blue for the base. The whole design needs to be elegant.

Question: What do you love most in London?
Its international atmosphere. Its rich social life. The ease with which ones becomes friends with colleagues, with friends of friends without any strict rules and conventions. Its noise. Its unique dynamism and creativity.

Question: What do you miss most from France?
I miss mainly Paris and it is a new feeling. I now noticed that I miss its beauty, its peace, its cleanliness. May be this won’t last, and it will float away, like a boat on the Channel separating England from France. Living on an island, feels odd sometimes. It is very different than living on the Continent with no geographical stoppages.

Question: What new projects are you working upon?
2021 is promising. My boat is full of projects. A new website. The opening of a retail shop in London. The launch of new perfume ingredients. An official accreditation for my teaching academy. Hiring a perfumer to work with me. Keeping up the good work with my team.

Question: What is your own signature scent?
I don’t have a good answer to this question. I wear no perfumes. Ever. This is a classic thing that perfumers learn at school. Our work cannot be done if we wear perfumes. I have to confess that on very rare occasions, I do use one ingredient, an exceptional orange flower extract. Please forgive me. My passion is sometimes impossible to resist.

Lab Kit
Emmanuelle smelling a strip
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