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Our portal acts as an olfactory library that brings together published articles on Artistic Perfumery and Beauty in addition to original content created by our editorial team.

At least two members of our Advisory Board screen and approve each published article so our readers can rest assured that the information is accurate and valid. Since our advisors have been selected for their knowledge, expertise, and professionalism, we are able to speak with wisdom and authority.

On we repost articles and extracts with the direct link to the original website. We even provide a reason why we suggest the text, meaning users can quickly scroll through to find material that interests them most. We have also created a tag and filtering system to make the search process quick and easy. Users may find articles by content tags, date of publication or even by the advisor who selected them.

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Finally, in order to continue to promote the Artistic Perfumery culture, we encourage our users – professionals and fragrance lovers – to be active members of our community by suggesting content which will be submitted to our Advisory Board for approval and eventual publication on our platform.