About us

The Origin

After the 10th edition of Esxence in 2018, the fair based in Milan that promotes Artistic Perfumery, one of the founders, Silvio Levi, set up an international working group christened Essencional, as a natural continuation of Esxence’s workshops, with the aim of creating a study center to contribute to the research and development of the Artistic Perfumery industry.

In April 2019 during the 11 th edition of Esxence at the workshop entitled “Whispers about Artistic PerfumeryEssencional presented the preliminary results of a study realised in collaboration with the Develon Group, on the online perception of Artistic Perfumery derived through worldwide web listening and by a survey taken within the Esxence Community.

As of 2021 with the 12 th edition of Esxence, Essencional is working with Equipe International in defining and organizing all the conference room activities including workshops, round tables, lectures, lessons and more.

The Project

Essencional acts as a hub of expertise, where opinion leaders and scientific and business partners come together in the name of Artistic Perfumery and Beauty with several key objectives in mind:

  • To increase the knowledge and understanding of the sector
  • To promote and uphold the common values
  • To be an incubator of creativity and innovation, leading to new and unparalleled contributions

With the birth of Essencional.com, our community has a trusted source for a curated selection of news and information, drawn from the internet, e-magazines, blogs, and social networks. All content is selected by the Editorial Board and approved by our Advisory Board.

Essencional.com is also the essential resource to read when searching for trending topics and reliable knowledge about Artistic Perfumery and Beauty.

Our mission

Our mission is to listen understand, identify problems, propose solutions and provide services that allow Artistic Perfumery to maintain its unique personality while nurturing the sector thanks to our dedication to research.

We want to provide a high quality service that reinforces the cultural prestige of our industry and educates fragrance lovers with excellent content.

“Artistic Beauty is the primary source of research and innovation for the entire Beauty Business. Letting it to maintain its independency and inner craziness, grants the best possible future to all Beauty Market branches” Silvio Levi

Editorial Board

Essencional officially began it’s activities in 2020 with the launch of the website www.essencional.com and with Silvio Levi’s creation of an Editorial Board and an Advisory committee which gathers together a group of passionate professionals with diverse backgrounds who share the same mission and who believe that different points of view and competences nurture the Artistic Perfumery and Beauty sector.

The Editorial Board guarantees the operating activities of Essencional.com.

Silvio Levi

Director and Founder
Silvio Levi often says that he has had the good fortune to live two professional lives: the first as a researcher in the pharma industry and the second in the field of Artistic Perfumery.
Co-founder of almost all events in the sector, he developed convivial relationships with many noses and perfumery and beauty managers. He edited the italian translation of Les sens du parfum by Guy Robert and La Sagesse du Createur de Parfum by Maurice Maurin, and offered these books to his customers to spread the olfactory culture.
He has written hundreds of articles on Artistic Perfumery for various magazines and he is the Chairman of the Esxence Technical Committee.

Karen Marin

An American in Paris, with a solid background in luxury retail, branding and management, Karen is a Global Beauty and Fragrance industry executive with expertise in marketing, merchandising and strategic planning. She is also an author and a bilingual journalist.
With her rich knowledge of the North & South American and EMEA markets she is a valuable industry observer with a global point of view.
She is a recognized professional and a known personality in the niche perfumery sector. She has been a key player in the Essencional Project since the beginning.

Giulia Levi

A young professional who graduated in Communications and who is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Digital Marketing, Giulia comes from a family whose heritage is rooted in perfumery for over 65 years. She is the 4th generation working in the family business where, for many years, she has been directly and indirectly involved. She has attended past editions of Esxcence and today she oversees communication and marketing aspects of the Essencional Project, which capitalize on her passion for both perfumery and the communication field.

Chiara Toniello

Eclectic professional who exemplifies how passions and interests can inspire and guide devotion to sectors and activities otherwise distant from one’s professional life: Former Business Analyst and Auditor in a multinational company but above all passionate about perfumes, she is in charge of management and coordination of consultancy activities, editorial production, Essencional studies and researches on the artistic perfumery sector.

At the same time, she is Organization Manager of the main distributor of artistic perfumes in Italy, where she deals with business development by taking care of the recruitment of strategic figures, the development of internal skills and the organization of business processes.


The Editorial board works in strict liaison with the Advisors. Please visit the “Advisors” Section to discover the group of experienced, specialized professionals involved with Essencional.com